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Golden Ferri

mini raduno cucciolata 2015 FtW (Muna X Gleen Mhor's Gordon the II)

da sx Muna, Kyla, Lilith, Neela, e zia Nawi

Grazie a tutti per la bellissima giornata trascorsa e grazie a Gemma per la foto e il video bellissimo ( )

muna kyla lilith neela e nawi


Roswin Lowly Rigoletto IMG 7131 crop 1ancora è presto, ma come tutte le cose che faccio mi piace programmare per tempo, quindi iniziamo a svelare la cucciolata di Muna per fine 2016... tralasciando Muna che molti conoscono, intanto pubblico una piccola presentazione del futuro "marito"... a presto anche le foto.

ROSWIN LOWLY RIGOLETTO (Holway Leonardo X Jacklaine’s Better Be Good)
NHSB 2993318 Imp Finland
Born: 09.10.2013 in Finland
Health results: Hips A, Elbows 0-0, Eyes clear, PRA1&2 clear, Ichthyosis clear
Breeder: Raimo Huhtiniemi
Owner: Gerda Companjen, The Netherlands. Email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Roswin Lowly Rigoletto is a very passionate golden retriever with a never ending joy for working. He has a very joyful character, always looking at the bright side of life. Rigoletto loves picking-up, especially in very thick cover or heavy waving water. His natural ability is amazingly and already proven at a young age of 11 months when picking-up on the Scottish grouse moor and working like a most experienced adult dog, a very good marker and a great memory. He got this wonderful working ability from his parents who are 100% English Field Trial lines, a mix from the famous Holway and Standerwick lines. I am also the owner of Rigoletto’s father Holway Leonardo who is out of the last Holway litter which the late Mrs. June Atkinson did breed herself. It was a great honour for me at that time to be invited with my FT CH Lowly Nabucco as the father of Holway Reema’s litter. So Rigoletto is the third generation working golden in the house. His mother Jacklaine’s Better Be Good has Holway Victor as father and Jacklaine’s Aida is the mother. She is out of the English Standerwick line who had also so many Field Trial Champions in the past. Jacklaine’s Better be Good is a very stylish and beautiful hard working bitch. When watching her, you would immediately like to have a puppy out of her and with Holway Leonardo as father it was the perfect match! Both parents of Rigoletto do have excellent health scores as well with A hips and 0-0 elbows. So I am very pleased with Rigoletto who is mainly my picking-up dog and like my other Goldens (5 at the moment) I will every now and then a WT or FT running.

1400 km, ma veramente un bel we francese a Vinon sul Verdon.....Rania 1ecc cac alla francese, Muna 5 ecc all' inglese, Roy (debutto) 2 mb alla francese, Fly (debutto) eliminata...purtroppo. Come ha detto il giudice"bad luck my friend"

foto francia 600 x 278

WP 20151018 09 43 03 Pro

WP 20151018 11 29 11 Pro

Matjaz with Colorful Iris take 3 place! They made an IRO international exam in Italy Rovereto.

ira iro



Ft Asciano (Si)
Classe novice
1° ecc Muna (Kiebitz's Daddie X It Ft Ch Hillshire harmattan)

muna asciano

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2016  Golden Ferri